Mitochondria are vital organelles that are responsible for a number of key cellular functions including energy metabolism, some biosynthetic pathways and regulation of apoptosis. Mitochondria have dual membranes, have their own DNA, move around within the cell and undergo fission and fusion to control their numbers. At any given time there might be as many as 1,000 proteins in or on mitochondria despite the fact that its own DNA only codes for 13 proteins. The essential role mitochondria play in cellular health, and in turn human health cannot be understated. Mitochondrial dysfunction has been found to play a key role in a large number of major diseases including cancer, neurodegenerative disease, cardiovascular/metabolic disease, and a number of rare orphan diseases.
We at Partikula utilize our proprietary chemical engineering technologies to develop compounds that specifically and directly target mitochondria, from the outer mitochondrial membrane to the mitochondrial matrix and areas in between. By utilizing our technologies we can now access a large number of important and in some cases well-studies targets that until now have been difficult to target with traditional therapies. Our initial clinical focus is in oncology although we do have programs in earlier stages of development in the areas of neurodegenerative, cardiovascular and orphan mitochondrial disease.
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